Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lord is My Rock

The Lord is my rock…
He shelters me from every storm
He comforts me from every failure
He gave His hands to lean on
He saves me from captivity
He leads me on the right path
He lights my way home!

The Lord is my rock…
More than a lawyer that saves my innocence
More than a teacher that teaches me the right from wrong...
More than a doctor that cures my wounded soul
More than a caregiver that nourishes my life and spirit
More than a an architect that designs my fate
More than an engineer that innovate my path
He’s more than my closest Bestfriend!

The Lord is my rock…
the force on every action
the light on every darkness
the cure on every pain
the smooth on every rough
the answer on every question.

The Lord is my rock…
… my savior, my shepherd,
my fortress. my defender,
my wall, my shield,
my light on the shinning armor…

My Lord, my rock…. more than everything in this world…!!!

( A poem written in September 2006, Unpublished)

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