Tuesday, April 22, 2008


God allows life to be rocky

full of trials,
full of challenge
full of pains
full of aches
full of sufferings
full of cracks
full of fears
full of threats
full of droughts

full of crimes
full of angers
full of wickedness
full of betrayals
full of temptations
full of darkness
full of evilness.

He lets everybody to be rocky

to be hard
to be strong
to be courageous
to be tough
to be burly
to be sturdy
to be bully
to be ruffian
to be fighter
to be assertive
to be vigorous
to be coercive
to be intensive
to be forceful
to be hopeful
to be faithful.

He polishes rocks to be glossy…

to turn rough into smooth
to use pains to lead compassion
to turn fears into faith
to use greed to lead forgiving
to turn doubts into trusts
to use weakness to lead courage

to turn black into white
to use angers to lead love…to lead peace!

Life is rocky

that sways to and fro
that moves backward or forward

that totters and shakes on every beat
that continuously grind, dig, and crush…
not to put all into dust…but to shine all into PRECIOUS GEMS…!!!

(Published in 'Kalyo', Philippine Artisan's Official Literary Folio /March 2004/)

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