Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

What will be life without a doctor?! Who will cure our sickness? Who will release the pain we are suffering?!

When I was a child, I wish to be a doctor. When my teacher asked me, what will you wanted to be, I proudly say, "I want to be a doctor"! I love being a doctor.

I love to be a doctor since I love the science of life before. Doctors were taking care of living things specially the human. And most of all, I love their uniform.

Doctors and even nurses are wearing nursing scrubs. Wearing these uniforms, they truly look good and professional. That's why I love to be like them!

I like the scrubs top wearing by a doctor. It makes them nice and neat. With that cloth, they really look very cute, handsome, and attractive! That's why I love being like them!

Now I am already an IT engineer and a blogger. I am not anymore wishing to be a doctor. Rather, I love seeing a doctor! Hope that they will take the pain I'm suffering. Hope that they will heal my broken heart! c",)

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